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12 CHANTELLE sets to win

Congratulations to all the participants!

You have until November 10, 2018 to send us an email including your bra size (ex: 34B - 32D), your underwear size (ex. Small, Large) and your mailing address for us to send the products.

We will then send you the catalog in order for you to select your free CHANTELLE set.


1- Alysen Villeneuve

2-Estelle Berouard

3-Yvette Roussel

4- Audrey Gauthier

5-Joanne Brien

6- Emmanuelle Boissée

7- Chantale Bertrand

8- Heather Sibley (Moores)

9- Tammy Richer

10- Carole Hudon

11- Marie-Josée Leduc

12- Karla Sceviour