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Coop Rules





•The eligible retailer must send Saint Hilaire a request with the project details (media, size, cost, target…).

•To accept the request, Saint Hilaire will study the pertinence of the ad and the credit status of the retailer. Please confirm your eligibility directly with your representative or with Julie Lévesque.

•We must approve the final version of the project before it goes to print, or we will not be able to do the credit, even if we accepted the request before. Once the layout is approved by Saint Hilaire, we will not accept any modifications.

•We need at least one week to validate a final version. If we do not have this lead time, we cannot guarantee anything.

•On receipt of the invoice and ad copy, Christiane will credit the account.


•We will validate colour ads only. Saint Hilaire will not validate black and white ads.

•The ad has to represent at least a quarter page of the choosen magazine for print ad, or a 180x150 pixels for a digital ad.

•The ad must be placed in a logical context (fashion or high-end section for example), and/or in a media with the same audience as Chantelle / Passionata.

•The ad must not highlight promotions, discounts, special sales.


•Our co-op amount represents 2% of the total net sales invoiced the previous year. 

•Saint Hilaire pays a maximum of 50% of the total cost of the ad (excluding tax) .

•The credit note will be done as soon as Saint Hilaire receives the original invoice and a copy of the publication. The invoice must be sent as soon as possible after Saint Hilaire’s validation.

For any co-op requests, additional information, questions, special projects, validations, please do not hesitate to contact :


Saint Hilaire
764 Chemin du Golf
Ile des Sœurs – H3E 1A8, Qc