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Our History

The History of Our Company



Saint-Hilaire, a Québec-based company which started as a manufacturing and importing company, is now a lingerie distributor closing in on 100 years in business.

The longevity of the company reflects its financial strength, its intimate knowledge of its markets, the competence of its employees and sales force, the loyalty of its customers, and the confidence of the large companies that have granted exclusive rights to their products in Canada.

The Origins: the headgear

The history of Saint-Hilaire, started as a hat shop in Québec founded by Honoré Saint-Hilaire in 1922. For 25 years, spanning the great depression as well as the Second World War, it brought together some of the best craftsmen in the field and produced quality hats for the North American market..


Growth and diversification

In 1947, with the end of the conflict, Saint-Hilaire experienced a period of growth and diversification by choosing to import hats from different countries of the world. The ensuing success convinced Pierre Saint-Hilaire, the son of the founder, to expand the range of its imports. Thus, from 1964, while the workshop continued to manufacture hats, the company began to import and distribute other products. In 1976, Saint-Hilaire, born in Québec City, moved to Montreal to be closer to national and international markets.



Saint-Hilaire today

The company, whose strength has become lingerie, has concentrated its efforts on this division. Saint-Hilaire now represents: the Chantelle group (Chantelle, Passionata, and Chantal Thomas (France); Maryan Beachwear with four collections of swimwear (Germany); and a collection of pajamas Massana (Spain) and Nota (Greece).


Saint-Hilaire's clientele includes the most prestigious shops in the country, the major lingerie chains and a series of boutiques recognized for the quality of their goods and outstanding customer service.

Our Market: Canada

Our Values: Tradition, Respect, Team work, Openness

Our Suppliers: Chantelle, Passionata, Maryan Beachwear, Massana, and Nota